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We are happy to share that there will be a special QOpen issue based on the seminar contributions and on the call for papers.

Guest editors of the special issue:

  • Alisa Spiegel (Thuenen Institute, Coordination Unit Climate, Germany)
  • Claudia Heidecke (Thuenen Institute, Coordination Unit Climate, Germany)
  • Jens Rommel (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences - SLU, Uppsala, Sweden)
  • Alan Matthews (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

Internal editor: Iain Fraser

The guest editors will consider all the seminar contributions that fulfill the following conditions as candidates for the special issue:

  • Submitting author ticked the box when submitting an abstract that the manuscript may be considered for the special issue
  • Full paper is submitted by Nov, 1st via Converia (see the screenshot below)

Shortlisted seminar manuscripts would benefit from additional feedback from the guest editors, and could respond to the feedback by Jan, 15th. Otherwise, everyone can submit a manuscript via the call for papers by Jan, 15th, yet without additional editorial feedback.

Please also note:

  • There is no template for full paper submission. Yet, papers shortlisted for the special issue must meet the QOpen requirements.
  • QOpen is a fully open access journal, and all authors have to pay an open access charge. CC BY, CC BY-NC, CC BY-NC-ND licence cost £1294. There is no budget for open access publication provided by the EAAE seminar 181 organisers.
  • For any other questions related to the special issue, please contact eaae181 [at]





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